poisson_approval.binary_plot_winners_at_equilibrium(xyy_to_profile, xscale, yscale, title='Winners at equilibrium', legend_title='Winners', meth='analyzed_strategies_ordinal', reverse_right=False, **kwargs)[source]

Shortcut: binary plot for the winners at equilibrium.

  • xyy_to_profile (XyyToProfile) – This is responsible to generate the profiles.
  • xscale (Number) – Scale of the plot (resolution) on the x-axis.
  • yscale (Number) – Scale of the plot (resolution) on the y-axis.
  • title (str) – Title of the plot.
  • legend_title (str) – Title of the legend of the plot.
  • meth (str) – The name of the AnalyzedStrategies property used to count the equilibria.
  • reverse_right (bool) – If True, then the y-axis on the right goes decreasing from 1 to 0 (whereas the y-axis on the left goes increasing from 0 to 1).
  • kwargs – Other keyword arguments are passed to the function heatmap_candidates.